Sunday, February 13, 2011

Mystery Date

Remember that old game Mystery Date? I only know it from The Simpsons—I swear—but it made me laugh how popular those games were in the eighties. I went to a party recently and they had a similar game called Heartthrob. It's where you would pick three random guys and than choose who you would like, go on a date with, and go steady with. It was pretty ridiculous. I remember when I was in high school picking up girls to go to date dances and being terrified of meeting the parents. I hated the show that was put on. The dads would always intimidate me. I'd feel much more comfortable as a bison. Also, don't be fooled, bison are a lot quicker than you think. Fact: Bison kill five times more than bears Yellowstone.
What should I put in the frame?

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