Sunday, February 20, 2011

I Ain't Afraid Of No Ghosts

"Ghostbusters!!!" "No way" "Let me see it!" My brother had just torn open one of his presents for his birthday. Inside was a neatly packaged toy of Slimer, the ghost from the movie Ghostbusters, but more memorably—at least to me—from the cartoon show The Real Ghostbusters. The show and movie were incredibly popular to my older brothers and I. For Christmas they both received proton packs while I received a trap. They would run around shooting ghosts while I would throw my trap to capture them. We were a pretty good team. It goes without saying, but Ghostbusters had the BEST toys.

When I made this particular piece of art, I actually didn't intend to make Slimer. I just thought I was making some funny looking character. It wasn't until I started to add colors that I realized that I had accidentally drawn him. My childhood seemed to rush right back. So many incredible memories.

 A few fun facts for Ghostbuster fans: The cast and crew would call Slimer Onionhead on the set because of his terrible smell. When audiences saw him they came up with the name Slimer and it stuck. Venkman would call him "spud" in the cartoon, which might be a throw back to onion even thought spuds are potatoes. Also, Dan Aykroyd  would playfully call Slimer the ghost of John Belushi who had died two years previous. Belushi was also slated to be part of the film before his death. Slimer does kind of have some Belushi qualities. So now I'm feeling a little nostalgic...I think I'm going to check Amazon for DVDs of The Real Ghostbusters right now.