Sunday, February 27, 2011

Cuts, Bruises, and Broken Bones

Exciting news blog world—blogorld? Yeah, that sounds right. I'm going to be in a gallery with several great local artists up in Salt Lake City on March 4th at 7 to 9 pm. It will be at The Hive Gallery in Trolley Square. Come support your local artists!

So when I heard the name of the show I thought it would be cool to do a few different pieces involving cuts, bruises, or broken bones. I decided to look up different movie scenes that had any of the three. The first one that came to mind was from The Royal Tenenbaums. There is an amazing scene where Richie—Luke Wilson's character—goes to the bathroom and cuts his hair and beard. He's depressed after finding out the love of his life—his adopted sister—is seeing another man. He decides to commit suicide. I know that the subject matter is really dark, but this is such a beautiful scene. Check out here.

I remember falling in love with the imagery of the scene along with the music playing in the background. The song is called Needle in the Hay  and it is by Elliot Smith—who I have drawn and talked about in a previous post. I hope you don't think that I'm suicidal in anyway because I'm not. I think that we've all had something terrible happen to us. Sometimes we want to escape it all, but we need to channel that grief into something else. Some of the most beautiful songs I've heard come from people who have had just passed through a difficult trial. I hope you enjoy this artwork for what it is, and don't misinterpret it. Peace out and hope to see you on Friday!


  1. I love that scene, and this fits it perfectly. What a great idea for a piece!