Sunday, July 31, 2011

"Is it dead?"

How often have we hit a giant, hairy man thinking he was Bigfoot?  If only I had a quarter for every time that happened.  When I was a kid I thought this movie was so touching, and compassionate, it really taught me a thing or two about life, than I grew up and was all "This movie doesn't make sense." I guess some things make more since when you're a kid.

Harry and the Hendersons Acrylic

Harry and the Hendersons Final

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Land of the Lost

I've been on a kick of watching the old 1974 series of "The Land of the Lost".   You may remember the movie that came out a little while ago starring Will Ferrell.  Well, the show is WAY better.  It has puppet dinosaurs, people in costumes, and claymation.  Here's a Sleestak from the series.   Enjoy!

 Acrylic Sleestak:
Finished Sleestak:

Sunday, July 24, 2011


"Goonies never say die", and neither does are love for what's his name who played sloth.  Let's be honest, he made that movie.  Isn't Sloth everyone's favorite character? Who else could say, "Baby... Ruth" and make it the catch phrase of the 80's?  not to mention, "Rocky...Road?" and of course, "Hey you guys!". So, it was only natural to paint him, it was like a self portrait.  After all, don't we have a little Sloth in all of us?

 Sloth after the acrylic ground
The finished piece

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Bear Boy: Chapter one

The soon to come public online comic book!  The best part is that it's free!  I'll be writing the first chapter and based on the public response, i.e. your comments, you finish the story.  that's right,  YOU WRITE THE STORY.  isn't that great?  Here's the cover for the first chapter(soon to come). 

Have fun writing the story, my toasted public.  I'll be keeping busy drawing your ideas.  feel free to comment or e-mail, or just walk up to me and tell me in the street what you want the next scene to be.  And hey, if it sucks....well it'll be your fault. 

Friday, July 8, 2011

Weenie the Pooh in theatres July 15

So, I didn't do too much this week and I don't want to finish the project I started, so here's what I got done: