Sunday, March 13, 2011


Andre the Giant was a hero of mine when I was younger. I don't really remember why. We had toys of him and everything. He was another popular character on pajamas to run around in. Learning more about him I discovered that he was a heavy drinker. He once drank 119 beers in one sitting. It was one of the few times that he ever passed out from drinking. He passed out in the hallway of the hotel that he was staying at. The people that he was with draped over a piano cover over him so he wouldn't be disturbed because there was no way of moving him.

His large size made him a super star, but it caused him a lot of pain too—physical as well as emotional. He had terrible back pain. He was always looked at as different. I think that drinking may have been a way to escape. A way to numb the pain.

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  1. I saw Andre the Giant wrestle when I lived in VA many "Tuesday Moons" ago.
    Sad story, his.