Sunday, August 4, 2013

red fox watercolor

Here's a little process i did for a fox watercolor painting.  Usually I just start out with doodles, with the result of my sketchbook looking like a 5th graders.  It's always a little emba
rrasing when someone asks to see my sketchbook and then they give me a pity, "oh, yeah that's pretty good...I guess..."  I work out ideas while doodling though.  Once i find an idea I like i do some thumbnails and a finished drawing.  I'll work on the finished drawing in the computer and once I get what I want I paint it out with watercolor.  so it's a kind of long process.  Here it is:

Doodly doos

Fox Thumbnail
Fox Finished Drawing

Fox Watercolor Painting

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  1. I love your watercolor style! How do you get all those cool splatters and drips? You should post a video of you painting.