Thursday, August 11, 2011

Fauns, Bird, and a Joel

Hello my Toasted Followers! This week has been quite busy and fun. I've been working a lot on my paintings, but I've been working on some different digital techniques as well. First off I have a painting that I did of Faun from Pan's Labyrinth. I'm amazed at the incredible creatures that Guillermo Del Toro comes up with. He also did the Hellboy movies. I recommend that you check them out. Also, check out Doug Jones(he played El Fauno). He seems to be in quite a few movies with makeup. He was in Warriors of Virtue, Mimic, Hellboy, Lady in the Water to name a few. Guillermo Del Toro made Pan's Labyrinth and said to Doug Jones that he HAD to be in the movie. Doug Jones was ecstatic to be in it, but reluctant when he heard it was in Spanish. He worked really hard to say his lines in Spanish, but his accent wasn't up to par so Del Toro had his lines dubbed. He also played the Pale Man. check it out and let me know what you think.


This next illustration I put together in photoshop. I just was playing around with the colors and was concerned with how the background was going to turn out, but I think I did a fairly decent job.

I just love the idea of any animal with slippers.
 This final piece is just a new style I've been working on. I get frustrated with photoshop sometimes because I'm a lot more used to illustrator. I feel like I can control a lot more. I didn't want to do a self portrait so I asked my roommate if he wanted one. If you like it then maybe I can do one for you reader. Email me at and we'll work something out.

If you like what you see, and I hope you do, feel free to to tell a friend or two. Bless you!

Heart, Toast

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  1. i don't know how to email mr. toastedtoast, but i want one!