Thursday, May 20, 2010

Toast Returns

When I was a little kid my parents and brothers were entertained by asking me "Who are you?" I'd squint my eyes, and with a stern look I'd say "I'm Batman." I ran around with my Batman pajamas fighting crime. The pajamas even came with a cape that had velcro so that you could tear it on and off. I would run around jumping in the air while the cape flied around in back of me—but when I fought bad guys—I was all business. I'd rip off the cape and kick some bad guy butt.

Back then they would play reruns of Adam West's Batman on T.V. I would sit there and be entertained by all of it's corny punch lines and crazy plot twists. I even own the movie. Watching it now is as hilarious as ever. In one scene, Batman runs around with a bomb that is about to detonate, but can't throw it over the side of the dock because there are little ducks there. Just about when it blows up Batman runs off screen with it. There is an explosion and we are to believe that our caped crusader has blown up. He returns seconds later unscathed to tell Robin—and the audience—what happened. The show always had something like that. Something incredible would always happen off screen leaving you wanting to know what happened. Below is a drawing I did of Adam West as Batman.

Contest Winner: Grace Finlinson

As much fun as the old show was, I think it was the cartoon that really got me into Batman. Remember when you were excited to come home from school to watch cartoons? Batman was the most exciting part of my day. School would teach you math and science—things you would never need to know in real life—whereas Batman taught you to have a moral backbone. To fight for good and justice. The intro didn't even say Batman during it. It didn't have to. Who doesn't know who Batman is?

In the DC universe(Detective Comics), there has always been two heroes that have reigned supreme. Those two are Batman and Superman. I feel that you can like both, but when it comes down to it, the choice is easy: Batman. He is more relatable. Sure he's rich and has a batcave under his house, but he is a normal guy. He wasn't born with super powers. He had to train and master his skills. He's a millionaire playboy by day, dark caped avenger by night. Who would think being a nerdy reporter is cooler than that? Batman has that dark edge, and Superman is a boy scout. If you doubt how cool Batman is compared to Superman; read The Dark Knight Returns and it's sequel The Dark Knight Strikes Again.

I'm assuming at this point, you're thinking I'm a nerd. I admit that that is slightly true, but what person hasn't been fascinated by the mythology of these heroes. Perhaps you didn't get into the show or comics, but what about the movies. The old Tim Burton ones are still amazing. I remember being in a class where a teacher was talking about Batman(one of the only times I paid attention) and heard his view on the actors that played Batman. He said,"Michael Keaton was an actor in comedies. When I saw that he was playing Batman, I thought they were making a big mistake. When I saw the movie I knew that that guy was Batman. At first I didn't think Val Kilmer was a great choice, but that guy was Batman too. George Clooney was not Batman, but Christian Bale is Batman. They just keep getting better and better." I agree with his statements. The new Batman films have definitely become some of the best movies of our time as well. July 2012 can't come soon enough.

I leave you with a couple more drawings I have done below.

"I'm Batman"

The Joker: Best Villain Ever!
I drew the above piece, but it was originally done by Alex Ross.
To see the original go here:
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  1. I can't wait until the next movie comes out! And Batman is amazing!

  2. You never cease to amaze me! Love these images.